Monday, February 11, 2013

The Informatics Professor on Video

Some video interviews of me have appeared on the Web. They are part of some interesting and worthy sites.

The first video was an appearance on the Web-based show, Health IT Live!, which features a host of informatics experts from around the world. I took part in Healthcare IT Live! Episode #6. The interview discussed a variety of topics, mostly related to my research and educational work in biomedical and health informatics.

I was also recently interviewed for a site called AskimoTV, which purports to provide access to experts, initially via video interviews and later to those wanting one-on-one consultations. My interview was done in three topical segments:
1. Biomedical and Health informatics: Improving healthcare through information
2. Barriers to Retrieving Patient Information from Electronic Health Record
3. Building A Health Informatics Workforce In Developing Countries

These interviews demonstrate the simple power of the Web and its ability to disseminate information in ways we could not have imagined a couple decades ago.

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