Saturday, January 11, 2014

Live Streaming of OHSU Informatics Conference Launched

This past week we launched live-streaming of our weekly informatics conference. I was the speaker for the first conference, and can report that all went well. You can see for yourself by watching the video of event. (We have been recording videos of our conference for several years, which are all available). My slides can also be downloaded.

Our initial attendance was quite good, with about 50 people present at the live conference and the number connected by streaming as follows:
  • Start - 34
  • 15 minutes - 41
  • 30 minutes - 50
  • 45 minutes - 49
  • End - 45
We used Twitter for both "signing in" to the conference as well as posting questions and comments. We also captured the Twitter conversation. As can be seen in the video and Twitter dialogue, there was some great dialogue during the discussion. One thing we learned was that the ampersand symbol cannot be used in Twitter hash tags. As such, we will be changing the question hashtag to something like #QnA.

Nonetheless, this new method for widening the reach of our weekly conference, and our academic informatics program, was a great success. I look forward to this continuing in the future, and being able to further disseminate the value of our program.

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