Thursday, February 20, 2014

Another Informatics Book!

Sure enough, shortly after my last post on the myriad of new informatics books that have come out lately, another one appears. This is also a general biomedical informatics textbook and, like the Shortliffe book, I have a chapter on information retrieval in this book as well.

But this book is in Spanish! Edited by my colleagues, Drs. Melchor Sánchez-Mendiola and Adrián Israel Martínez-Franco, this book provides a Spanish-language overview of biomedical informatics [1]. I adapted my chapter on information retrieval (or, as one would say in Spanish, recuperate información, or RI) for their audience, and then Dr. Martínez-Franco translated it into Spanish [2]. I had the opportunity to visit Drs. Sánchez-Mendiola and Martínez-Franco last year and was able to see up close the impressive work they have done in informatics curriculum development in the Faculty of Medicine at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), which they described in an article in Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association last year [3].

Below is a photo of myself holding the two new biomedical informatics books!


1. Sánchez-Mendiola, M and Martínez-Franco, AI, Eds. (2014). Informática Biomédica, 2a Edición. Mexico City, MX, Elsevier.
2. Hersh, W (2014). Estrategias Para Recuperar Información. In Informática Biomédica, 2a Edición. M. Sánchez-Mendiola and A. Martínez-Franco. Mexico City, MX, Elsevier: 75-85.
3. Sánchez-Mendiola, M, Martínez-Franco, AI, et al. (2013). Development and implementation of a biomedical informatics course for medical students: challenges of a large-scale blended-learning program. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association. 20: 381-387.

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