Friday, May 9, 2014

Accolades for the Informatics Professor - Spring 2014 Edition

I periodically toot my own horn in this blog, and enough interesting things have accumulated for me to do so now.

One accolade comes not from myself, but the data! My information retrieval (IR) colleague Jimmy Lin has developed a new tool, scholar-scraper, which builds a list of citation metrics of researchers in a given discipline (or from any list). One of his original lists is from the IR field, and some other colleagues, Allison McCoy and Dean Sittig, have created a list for biomedical informatics. The accolade for me is that I rank well both in biomedical informatics (15th as of today) as well as IR (18th as of today). Of course these rankings may change as the data changes as well as new scholars are added to each list.

I also have been quoted in articles on various topics, including an article on the new clinical informatics subspecialty that seems to have appeared in a number of clinical news publications:
(And probably others! To access the complete articles, free registration is required to get beyond the first page, although there is one version that seems to reliably appear without registration.)

I was also quoted in an article about the resignation of former Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

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