Saturday, February 27, 2010

Informatics Professor Postings Motivate Articles and Talks

Some items of interest motivated by prior postings from the Informatics Professor blog!

First, OHSU published one of its ongoing advertisements in the Opinion section of a recent Sunday Oregonian about healthcare reform that featured my views on how biomedical informatics will enable information use to improve healthcare quality, safety, and cost (as described in a prior blog posting). The views are consistent with OHSU's eight principles for healthcare reform, one of which is, "Supports more effective deployment of information technology, including but not limited to portable electronic health care records."

Second, the university published a piece that described my trip and Health Affairs article that motivated my prior post on "global truths."

Finally, I was recently invited to give a talk at the University of Michigan, where I gave a talk motivated by another recent post about informatics now living in a HITECH world. There are links to a video of my talk as well as my slides with references.

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