Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Informatics Professor Elsewhere on the Web

I have had the opportunity to have my blog-related work featured elsewhere on the Web. Some of these sites get more traffic than my own blog.

One site where I have been having edited versions of my blog posts re-posted is HITECH Answers. All of the postings can be found by searching on the tag assigned to them indicating they are from me. HITECH Answers also features a radio show called MULive, where I was the guest on April 3, 2012. (The audio archive of the show can be accessed by registering or going straight to audio link.)

Another site re-posting some of my blog entries of pertinence to internal medicine physicians is the American College of Physicians. Some of my postings are available on ACP Internist, aimed at all internists, while others are available on ACP Hospitalist, aimed at hospitalist physicians.

Postscript: Shortly after this entry was posted, Dr. Kevin Fickenscher, new President and CEO of AMIA, called out a recent posting of mine.

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